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Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) refusal

The Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) has refused to Rozelle Village Development application.

Balmain Leagues Club in peril over Rozelle Village development

Balmain Leagues Club in peril over Rozelle Village development

Read the TfNSW report on attempt 4

Read the TfNSW report on attempt 4 at the Rozelle Village development

Read the Transport for NSW submission for attempt 3

Read the Transport for NSW / RMS submission for the proposed Balmain Leagues Club redevelopment.

Revised plans now on exhibition

The latest proposal for development of the Balmain Leagues Club site has a maximum height of 24 storeys and still contains two residential towers built over a retail/commercial podium - not greatly different from the previous proposal. 

Obeid helped to lobby for Balmain redevelopment

New documents reveal Eddie Obeid's involvement in lobbying for the proposed Balmain Leagues Club redevelopment.

Read the Transport for NSW / RMS submission for attempt 2

Read the Transport for NSW / Roads and Maritime Service report on the Rozelle Village Development

Obeid family's shopping centre windfall

As Mr Obeid is questioned at the Independent Commission Against Corruption inquiry, it can be revealed that his family received millions of dollars in ''consultancy fees'' relating to the Top Ryde shopping centre and residential complex.

Obeid link to Tigers under the spotlight

THE question of whether the family of the former Labor MP Eddie Obeid has a financial interest in the controversial Balmain Tigers development has resurfaced with the appointment of an Obeid associate to the chairmanship of Wests Tigers.

Political interference claims swirl around Tigers redevelopment bid

A HIGH-RANKING Liberal Party figure and factional powerbroker is working as a lobbyist for the Balmain Tigers, prompting claims of dubious political influence over the club's redevelopment bid


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